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The functions of the Centre are clearly spelt out in section 4 of Decree No. 69 of 1979 establishing the Centre as follows:

1. The Centre shall be a multi-dimensional institution and shall, subject to this Decree, have responsibility for the promotion of public interest in Black and Africans Arts and Civilization and for the preservation of such creative work of value:

i. of each participating country during the Second World Black and African Festival of Arts and Cultures 1977 (hereinafter in this Decree referred to as “the 1977 festival”) or similar cultural manifestations; or

ii. of any other country or individual where such creative work has emanated from or pertains to the 1977 Festival or similar cultural manifestations, donated to the Centre either directly or through the International Festival Committee of the 1977 Festival or hereafter donated to the Centre by any person or organization.

2. In pursuance of sub-section (1) of this section, it shall be the duty of the Centre­

i. to locate, identify, and assemble for better preservation all recorded matter, published materials and museum artefacts relating to the-1977 Festival and to prepare an inventory of these works;

ii. to promote understanding and appreciation of Black and African arts and cultures by involving the general public in its activities through lectures, discussions, symposia, exhibitions, performances and demonstrations of arts and crafts;

iii. to acquire from zonal secretaries of the 1977 Festival/and any other source, creative records relating to past and future world, regional or national festivals of arts and culture of relevance to Black and African arts and civilization;

iv. to produce guides, catalogues, bibliographies, abstracts and indices to facilitate the use of the materials preserved at the Centre;

v. to make the facilities of the Centre available to members of the public on such terms as the Board may, with the approval of the commissioner, determine;

vi. to organize’ exhibitions, displays and such other manifestations as are calculated to achieve the objectives of the Centre;

vii. to make appropriate arrangements for the exchange either by way of lending or gift of materials held at the Centre;

viii. to supplement the materials held at the Centre by acquiring copies of materials relating to past and future, world, regional or national festivals of arts and cultures of relevance to Black and African arts and civilization;
ix. to safeguard the property of the Centre; and

x. to provide such services as are usually provided by cultural resource Centres.

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