Current major projects of the centre

//Current major projects of the centre
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CBAAC has the potentials to achieve more in the area of its statutory mandate and to actually become the leading agency and the arrowhead for the promotion, preservation and presentation of the Cultural Heritage of Black and African Peoples. Its potentials to achieve its set goals can only be fully realised if it is adequately funded. Based on the foregoing, the under listed projects and programmes have been articulated.

  1. Digitalization of the Centre’s resources to ensure that the Arts and Cultures of the Black and African Peoples are integrated into the process of globalisation. This can be achieved in liaison with other related cultural agencies in Africa.
  2. International Exhibition in Nigeria on Indigenous African Architectural Technology to project African Values
  3. Afro Centric Research Projects on:

(a) Cultural Imperialism

(b) Strategies and Challenges for African development

(c) Traditional Medicine

  1. Funding of the DNA Project as a tool of identity building and the promotion of understanding among Africans at home and in the Diaspora. This should eventually lead to the acquisition of dual citizenship by the Africans in Diaspora
  2. Hosting of Women and Youth Conference in March 2007 in Colombia.
  3. Equipment for preserving Black and African Arts and Treasures, Culture and Transparencies
  4. Publication of materials and hosting of International symposium on Black and African Arts and Culture in Trinidad
  5. Building of CBAAC ‘s Headquarters in Abuja
  6. Design and construction of Black and African Hall of Fame at Bwari, Abuja.
  7. Full computerization of the Centre’s resources, the Black and African Hall of Fame and UNESCO Depository Library
  8. Translation and Printing of the Arts and Civilization of Black and African Peoples Volumes 1-10from English to French in Digital format
  9. Purchase of Books, Journals and Library Equipment
  10. Purchase of Audio-Visual Materials
  11. Purchase of Museum Materials
  12. Inauguration of Presidential Lecture! 30th Anniversary of FESTAC ’77 February 2007
  13. Purchase of a Transformer for CBAAC Annex
  14. Construction, Conservation/Preservation Laboratory
  15. Air-conditioning of the Centre’s reading area
  16. Construction and Equipping of the Children’s Library

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