Exhibition and Museum Division

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Activities under the Exhibition and Museum Division were:

  • Conservation of works attacked by mildew as a result of the prolonged flooding and non-provision of electricity at the National Theatre.
  • Re-Inventory of existing-works for fresh documentation.
  • Preparation of Inventories for accessing works on display.
  • Production of Exhibition and Museum Brochures that will contain available works in CBAAC Collection.
  • Quarterly Internal Exhibitions for education, awareness creation and entertainment of our museum clientele.
  • Outreach programmes to the public (young and old) on non-material and material cultural heritage of Black and African Peoples, through the following:

(i) Inter-School(s) debates (Quarterly) for Schools in Lagos metropolis.

(ii) Lecture series for children and adolescents on Museum and Society to mark the World Children’s Day, 27th May, 2006

(iii) Workshop on value system Development and Aids Epidemic to mark the Day of the African Child, 16th June, 2006.

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