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The Festival Emblem: The festival Emblem was a world- famous 16th Century Ivory Mask worn as a pectoral by Benin Kings on royal ceremonial occasions. It was last worn by King Ovoramwen who was dethroned at the fall of the Benin Empire in 1897.Report had it that since then, the renowned art object had remained in the British Museum whence it was removed by the British after the sack of Benin. Negotiations and diplomatic moves designed to secure the release of the mask for the Festival were unsuccessful and a replica had to be made by a Benin Ivory Sculptor.

The Festival Flag: The tricolour Festival Flag has three equal perpendicular rectangles. The two outside rectangles are in black and the central rectangle is in gold. Over the gold is superimposed centrally, The Festival Emblem. The black colour represents the Black people of the world while the gold depicts the cultural wealth of the Festival Participants and their association with the non-Black peoples of the world.

The Festival Anthem: The text of the Festival Anthem was extracted from a poem “For My People” written by an American Black woman, Mrs Margaret Walker. The poem has inspired millions of Black Americans in their struggle for survival in the United States. The refrain “Festac 77 is here” was introduced by Dr. Akin Euba of Nigeria who composed the music.

Refrain: Festac 77 is here

1] Let a new earth arise
Let another world be born
Let a bloody peace
Be written in the sky.

2] Let a second generation
Full of courage issue forth
Let a people loving freedom
Come to growth

3] Let a beauty full of healing
And strength of final clenching
be the pulsing in our spirits
And our blood

4] Let the martial songs be written
Let the dirges disappear
Let the race of men now rise
And take control

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